Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ana-Marija Radosavljevic: "Drawing with light"

Digital augmentation & text
by K.K.W
Ana-Marija Radosavljevic: Photographic artist By, K.K.W

"Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing oreo cookies" (1)

I'm a firm believer that photographers, like many other artists, do take something from their subjects, living or not. However, they also give something back, not only to their subjects but the world at large.

Ana-Marija Radosavljevic,
photo courtesy of the artist.
What separates Ana-Marija from standard photographers is her ability to capture a moment, and react to one as well. Image #1 is a playful, strange and powerful shot, a great combination of light, color, and dark tones. The dim light passes through the perforated opening, just barely illuminating the balloons, when it hits you- "green is good".  
Image #1, courtesy of
the artist.
Image #2 could be looked at a portrait and commercial fashion, in its strong presentation of a certain mood. Its art in the look, composition, style and its subconscious statements: which are never spoken, yet felt. A touch of sadness, anger, longing, regret, and a powerful need emanating from this dark skinned urban goddess. The empty space a symbol of part of her life, or the artist in question? There's a sense of an invitation that contrasts with the subjects almost stern look, a deep need for company and yet she is too proud to speak of it.    
Image #2, courtesy of the artist.

Image #3, courtesy of the artist.
Image #3 makes me wonder where this is, a roof-top in Skopje, or some odd section of Brooklyn NYC? This moment may have been contrived to give a literal message, "le ballon rouge", the graffiti on the wall-'the writing is on the wall'. Its seems like a reminder of youth, dreaming, an idealism, a young girls delight in a silly little thing, in a world over-saturated with visions of tech. Image # 4 is another example of a great portrait. If you would look at it as such it would be non-traditional in composition, Ola Dioss in the foreground, staring confidently at the viewer, while his homeboy does not look up at all, yet no less sure of himself. A pair of cool-kat misfits taking on the stage that is the world, yet caught in lens of a photographers gaze. The tilted image behind them making a great statement, without over power the subjects presence.  
Image #4 featuring Hip-Hop artist Ola Dioss
(foreground). Courtesy of the artist.
At only 22 years old, Ana-Marija is already at a striking point with her talent, showing potential for even greater photography. She's sure to make a great splash here in "the big apple". If you would like to know more, go to:http://icon.benetton.com/wow/profile/1366884-ana-marija-mateja-radosavljevic, "Art is the reason, art is the way". (1) quote by Diane Arbus

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