Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ola Dioss

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Music Now: "After This Fuck You"

A few months back I started listening to Bei The Fish ('Just an Idea'), and on one of their tracks, "Its over", I heard Ola Dioss- Hip-Hop artist from The United Kingdom. Arguably, one of the best around. 

Image courtesy of the artist.
These days with a market and scene over-saturated he's got an edge for three reasons; lyrical style, savvy, and talent. Not to mention he really enjoys his work. His new release, "After This Fuck You" (don't let the title fool you, its not all anger an expletives), is a seriously cool release with a dope sound and steady flow. 

The feel of it energized by Dioss' fun-loving attitude and lyrical style, infused with the influence of groups like A tribe called quest and artists like Mos Def (one of his personal favorites). It starts off with an intro (classic move) produced by Zom, followed by "Chillin in Pari(s)" (my favorite track, and I think the strongest), its a great start and really draws you in, laying the ground work for the rest.

Ola Dioss. Photo courtesy of the artist.
"Watermelon slushy" and "Gangster Boogie", one a seemingly disconcerting title, both funny and to a point. The flow an energy is there, reaching towards you at an awesome pace. "Push my button" could be looked at as a taunt to nay-sayers, but at the same time never ceases to be a great fucking track. "Sky thinking free" had me looking to hit the sky and think freely, and explore its groove with 'Mary Jane'. "Wind speed" , "Luv 2 ball remix", great sound and beats, the lyrics melding into both with skill. 

Each one a testament his skillz, commitment to his craft, his producers, production team, all the greats that came before him, and paved the way with their sound. So in the end if you don't know, now you know. Cheers!  
Ola Dioss, on tour with Bei The Fish,
European tour 2011.
Photo courtesy of the artist.
If you would like to know more, go to: "Art is the reason, art is the way".
Ola Dioss, photo courtesy of the artist.

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