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Yael Acher

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Music Now: Yael ("Kat") Acher. Article & photos By K.K.W

When it comes to contemporary solo flute and compositions, although we have many, there's only one Yael Acher. A native of Tel-Aviv, she graduated with a BA degree in music, and classical flute performance from the Rubin Academy for music and dance in Jerusalem. 
Yael Acher: Composers Concordance festival
2012- part 2, "Marathon" @ Drom
A serious passion for eclecticism within her music, one finds not only elements of twentieth century music, but aspects inspired by Arabic and far eastern cultures. Hers is a wonderful melding of classical & contemporary music, with prepared electronic tracks that add a symphonic depth to her compositions, and when she performs. Progressive electro-acoustic Jazz and latin, stylish free-improvisation resulting in a steady sound, that leaves you feeling alive.     

When you listen to her playing your taken aloft on a wave of sound that jolts the senses, and awakens the mind. Powerful feelings begin to sprout and bloom like flowers towards the light, guided by harmonious/disharmonious sound scape's. Aspects of her musical influences creep out towards you like gentle ocean waves lapping at the shore.

Yael Acher has appeared with various ensembles, DJ's, choirs and modern dance groups. The Esoteric Conference in Tel-Aviv, the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, been there done that. Since the early 90's Acher has been the leader of Junk"Kat" (Formerly "KaT" - industrial). Although she's lived in various parts of the world, she is currently residing in New York City, performing, composing and educating.  

Yael Acher @ Drom
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Yael Acher @ Drom

Yael Acher @ Drom

Yael Acher @ Drom

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