Thursday, May 31, 2012

Aneta Kacurkova

Image courtesy of Miss Kacurkova.
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Aneta Kacurkova: The voice. By K.K.W

If you open your mind/eyes, listen up, especially through the Internet and what people post to facebook (or whatever social platform your on), there is an abundance of music and voices to go with it. 

However, every so often you find a voice that stands out, and has a feel all its own. Singer/song writer Aneta Kacurkova is certainly one of these voices. Hers is a Jazz/R&B style, with an elegant sultry sound that resonates with her passion. She has been composing since the 2nd grade, and started singing professionally at the age of 15 in a female vocal trio called 'PS'. Stevie Wonder was a huge inspiration for her, "...his voice and energy inspired me to say to myself: yes, music is my path; making music and making people happy is my goal." At the age of 20 she became very much effected by Jazz,  Ella Fitzgerald, Dianne Schuur & Kevin Mahogany. Five years later she began playing the piano and entered a Jazz academy in Macedonia, after she was told: 'you have to play the piano, you have a natural Jazz sound when you play.'    

Aneta Kacurkova. Image courtesy of the artist.
Light and perky with a great up-beat tempo, "I live in a world of happiness" (DNS Production 2010), is a great example of her style. The song radiates a kooky-cool mood like the music of Sonny Rollin's or Rolfe Kent and the great movies of the 1960's & 70's (Alfie, Breakfast at Tiffany's). Tinged with her spiritual outlook, though it never preaches but simply expresses part of herself.

"Walking meditation" has a great soulful quality with a feel of a dim-lit smokey lounge in the "lower east-side" of New York (back when you could smoke in lounges:). The words are powerful and resonate with her deep convictions, while the music and her singing has a slightly dark quality. Somber and yet spirited like graceful nighttime waves, gently reflecting the moonlight, its elegantly hypnotic. 

Aneta Kacurkova is without a doubt one to watch and a rising star. She's currently working on her next album release entitled "Oneness", a collection of spiritual experiences she had in a distinct Jazz style. Its going to be great. Much like her sister Genoveva (a wonderful singer and electronica music whiz), Aneta is an amazing person. If you would like to know more, go to: "Art is the reason, art is the way"

Aneta Kacurkova.
Image courtesy of the artist. 

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excellent performance and voice with deep feelings