Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Crif-Dogs"- Burgers, hot-dogs & Pac-Man

On the cover,
Ana-Marija Radosavljevic.
Photo augmentation & text by K.K.W
Within the last few years Brooklyn has seen many new places to eat (most of this due to large influxes of new residents in the last 5 years). Of course amongst all of the "fine dining" you gotta have a "joint" or two serving up burgers & hot-dogs.  
"Crif Dogs" exterior shot.
If only for the glorious food, inexpensive beer and old-school video games, "Crif Dogs" is a great little place. And @ 555 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, its right there when you get out of the L train station. Serving up fanastic 100% beef burgers and naturally smoked beef & pork hot-dogs, its an addiction waiting for you to come along, or come back.
Excellent burgers.
Chilly-dogs, philly tube-steaks, and corn dogs that drive you wild, with milkshakes and floats to satisfy the savage hunger of every hard working New Yorker. And if your so inclined they have draft beer, "Pabst" all the way. The layout of the place is small, but not cramped, with a grunge-skater look and feel- skateboards and related products, t-shirts, plus skater documentaries being played on the tube. Aside from Driggs Ave, they have another location @ 113 Saint Marks place, Manhattan. If your in the area, or just feel the need to trek out for grub because the mood is upon you, hit up "Crif Dogs". If you would like to know more, go "Art is the reason, art is the way". Article by K.K.W. 

Sexy & sinful all @ the same time.

Your friend and mine, beer:)

The classic's never die.

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