Thursday, May 17, 2012

Herzel & Genoveva

Text & augmentation by K.K.W
On the cover, photographer
Ana Marija Radosavljevic
Herzel & Genoveva: These 2,  R 1

When it comes to the beat, flow, tempo, ambient sounds that lead you 'through the looking glass', towards something understood without words, Herzel & Genoveva can take you there.

Original photos courtesy of Herzel & Genoveva,
digital augmentation by K.K.W
This fantastic duo is known for producing great music that registers with the listener; engaging tracks that lay it down, without skimping on the flava. "The action of staying EP", their forth coming release, is a bold well-crafted EP. As usual their tracks, the sound is at once inviting, taking hold of your senses and exacting a wicked appreciation. 

Image courtesy of Herzel & Genoveva
4 tracks- "Blow up", "The action of staying", "Chroma feel", and "Memories on Tape", resonate with their personal outlook and style when comes to electronica. Each track like a digital symphonic dimension all its own, a radiating wave of sound with bits Genoveva's hauntingly cool voice spliced in. As with most of their tracks (which I have on my i-pod & take everywhere), listening to them @ night in the city (even when its raining) is really amazing, its a perfect combination. And when its a bike ride @ night, so fucking sweet. My favorite tracks are "Blow up" and "Chroma Feel", an perhaps they might be yours as well. Herzel & Genoveva are without a doubt, 2 of the best around. Log on and give it a go. Cheers! 

If you would like to know more, go to:, or: "Art is the reason, art is the way"  

Herzel & Genoveva. Photo courtesy of the artist's

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