Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Bitter": A Dance Performance

Even from 352 21st street in Brooklyn you could tell a storm was brewing. The scent in the air brought by the clouds gently rolling across the sky.
Manhattan was less windy, the rain 
always giving the skyline that slight gleaming, misty effect. When I got to the studio(Hatch)
2 other dance groups were just getting warmed up. James and his dancers got there just after I did, and quickly got to work, warming up, to "make it hot".
Movements timed to music and feeling, tilted heads and sly reversals, taunt jerks towards an end. Five bodies that worked together to create an effect like the lingering feeling of great night out, everyone near enough could tell, "what's going on". James was like professor X, and they his mighty X-men.
Sharp turns, arched backs, beautiful faces and bodies going hand in hand with something of the grace of 'Apollo's Angels'.
 The music they were dancing to, composed by Me'shell Ndegeocello, f@#king moved me, it f#@king moved me. The choice of music 
was the icing on that fabulous cake that went down smooth like 'Panama Red'. The performance is based on the music, which flowed so well together I wish my friends were there to see it, hear it, and feel it through and through. It was almost perfect,
an amazing intro, a prelude into a forlorn beautiful dream in which nothing might ever be the same again. I wanted to reach out and hold on to it. The entire thing was super charged with deep feelings that seems like its going to haunt you, it won't let you go. It connects with you in an abstract, sensual, arresting way. So full of light and magic, but filled with an edge of madness, sexual madness, gleaming in the dark. What great fun:)

Studio-Phoenix would like to thank James, friend to Philippa(shes on Face) for the invite and the chance to photograph his performance. If you would like to know more:  "Art is the reason, Art is the way" 

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