Friday, May 6, 2011

The Hot Sardines

When the sun begins to set on the westside(Manhattan) the shadows come alive and speak very softly, of things that just might be. The strange thing is you seldom hear it. Such was the way of it as I headed toward the Sears Peyton and Fischbach galleries on April 9th 2011. The Waldorf school was having an Art benefit to raise money for the school. One of the parents involved(Jenn Jorge Nelson:)saw my photos @ cafe Madeline(Their on the blog) and asked if I would donate one to her cause. While the photos were on the walls of Sears Peyton, around the corner on the same floor, @ Fischbach The Hot Sardines were doling it out. A soft, wild, smooth, sexy wave of Hot f@#king Jazz. like the four elements they come together to create something so beautiful. "Days of the future past"? Between two noodle joints on 49th st Elizabeth and Evan met(vintage-jazz jam session advertised on craigslist)and realized they shared a mutual love for songs from the 20's, 30's, and 40's. The group is inspired by Artist like Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong and his hot fives and to many more to name here. The two found a few more kindred spirits and started creating what they now call, 'liquor drinking music'. Its a blend of 'dixieland and gutbucket blues' going with stunning vocals(Miss Elizabeth)sung in English and French, 'steeped in the sounds of a near-century ago, but resolutely in step with the current age'. The Hot Sardines are, Elizabeth Bougerol(yes she is French and to die for:), Evan Palazzo(Piano), Matt Downing(Bass), Justin Hines(Drums). Other members include,  trumpet player Jason Prover, clarinet and Sax's player Peter Anderson, and tap-dancer Eddy "the kid" Francisco. Just a few musicians in the Sardines collective. If you would like to know more or get info about their next
Studio-Phoenix would like to thank Cafe Madeline, Jenn Jorge Nelson, and The Hot Sardines. "Art is the reason, Art is the way"


Anonymous said...

sexy jazz indeed! i love the idea of liquor drinking music, it's definitely got that vibe of lazy nights in dimly lit bars. incidentally it's the perfect soundtrack for me to meet my husband

Hot said...

Thanks for posting! That was a lot of fun. I loved playing in a white room!!!! Jorge outdid herself and everyone was dressed so snazzy vintage - our kind of crowd.
-Evan (The Hot Sardines)