Saturday, May 14, 2011

A three year journey: Design(stage&film)

This wild, vivid work of art was conceived
by the lovely, and super talented Miss Erin Schultz
May 10th was turning out to be one of those days, there I was tressed, dressed, and already riding. And then it hits me; I forgot my water canteen. I went back four blocks to the house and got it, hating myself for making a mistake and forgetting protocol. The bike ride into the city was swift, safe, and gave such a thrill, all was well and so very beautiful. But the beauty of the streets would have to wait, NYU was calling my name. I got to Tisch in a jiff, headed for the 3rd floor bathroom(the show was on that floor)like a low-level superhero looking for a place to change. Dark gray pin-stripe blazer; check, blue button down dress shirt; check, dark blue vest; check, butter yellow tie with pale red stripes(going with the pale red stripes on blazer); check, gray pleated cotton dress pants; check, brown slip on tennis shoes with cream colored sole; check. I walked out into the fray. The few, the proud, the artists. The design show 2011 was already underway with Susan Hilferty(Chair, department of design for stage&film)giving a short speech. Without being told I could pick out the bright-eyed young ones who, would one day make their mark. Of course it was helpful they had name tags on:). Seventeen gifted young people at the end of a three year road of intense work, creative design, and personal suffering we may never know. The few, the proud, the artists. Erin Schultz(costume design)work is both vividly wild, colorful and intense to behold. I see some of Eiko Ishioka in her. A splendid mix of the bold, beautiful, and the animalistic. Adrianne Carney was much like her work, joyful, dapper, and alluringly elegant. So full of life, It had(the pieces on display)an Art Deco feel that really takes you there; To the heart of her. My first thought when I saw James Bolenbaugh's work; retro-futuristic. His work(set design)has a strange, simple yet lovely feel to it. One of his models had something of the style of todays Architecture. Juliana Overmeer was as lovely to behold as her work(Production design). Her models showed an strong drive towards getting it right, based on the needs of the project, the time period, and her charming need to make it fit the mold, whatever the shape. She is amazing. Olga Mill is one of the very embodiment's of grit, grace, and creative beauty. Her work(costume design)shows the signs of one with a keen eye for detail, realism, and the fine art of creative control. Her pieces on display had the look and feel of Ngila Dickson's methods of control and inovation. Justin King & James E Lawlor's work(lighting design)had real flare, inovation and meticulous control, walking hand in hand with thoughtful design. To look on their work is to see the understanding of light and dark. Carolyn Mraz's work on display(set design) gives one a sense of the near absolute understanding of open space, attention to detail, and spacial design. It was imploring, heartfelt and full of the sense of one who had grown up with theater in her life. Her creations are as wonderful to behold as is she. Yu-Han Huang(set design)is one to watch. Her ability to produce a certain kind of feel, texture, and dramatic effect is truly amazing. One of her set designs seem to surge with the power of one who knows a great deal, not only about her area, but the parts that come together to create a great play or movie. I could see her working with the likes of Sir Ridley Scott or Ruth Neeman. Her work is stunning. If you would like to know,,, Overmeer),,,,, 

Article and vid-clip by, K.K.W

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