Sunday, May 15, 2011

Design for Stage & Film(NYU)

This event @ the Tisch Building(NYU) was quite good. The creations of the
students, their energy, and style was something to behold
you could feel it flowing through the room.


These are just some of the creations
of Adrianne Carney. 

I really like the look of this one,
its like the past coming alive in future.
Geometric shapes with a simple elegant flow. 

This design is wild, beautiful and
F#$king hot. Its like something out
of an awesome story out of another time and place.
I'd rock this, for real. It's like "The lost Boys" meets
Alexander Mcqueen.



That Adrianne Carney with the sexy short cut
and lovely dress. She was so nice and friendly. Very warm person
with so much talent. G1-6003



One of Adrianne Carney's creations.
Very lovely.


Green is good. What would our lives be without
plant life? Rather dull. And so very hard. Sooner or
later all plant life will be protected by law.

Juliana Overmeer(Production Design) 

This is Olga Mill(costume designer)

Her work on display was very well done
and so full of grit and grace. Despite her stern
look she was friendly. Her dress is as lovely as she. 

This is Justin King(Lighting design)

Justin King Ladies and gent's. A very talented young man.

I didn't catch her name but her dress
is stunning, and her hair-cut is the icing
on the cake.

I could not help but notice these two, they looked very
interesting. Note the proud, slight air of arrogance. Its amazing
how artists can be like that when they sense your not part of their club,
but they know your one of them:) 

It's  so cool when that one person senses you
and turns just at the right time. She was wonderful to behold.


This is the work of Yu-Han Huang.(Set design) A very charming,
talented young woman who's sure to make a splash in the big apple.

Yu-Han Huang(Set design) so very, very good. Girl's
got mad skillz and she's just getting warmed up.
Miss Dante Olivia Smith. She does very nice things indeed.
A lovely young woman who will go far. 

Miss Dante Olivia Smith


Yes the food was amazing. Light, healthy, and creative:)
The wine and sangria was lovely. NYU always puts a great spread.
Shame didn't really eat that much, but duty called and I had to answer.

Carolyn Mraz. She's beautiful, funny and quite talented.
Watch out for this one, she's gonna be trouble:) But in that good way.

Erin Schultz, truly one of kind.
Very charming, talented and friendly.

Miss Schultz strikes quite a pose.
The dress I love, very cool.
Her cut is beautiful, really brings out her lovely face.
Just for a minute I thought I was in Rome in the 50's.
She was so very fetching.

Adrianne Carney, so very talented.

Adrianne Carney, Talent, charming,
sexy and stylish.

When I asked them to give a different look
her friend went for intense. Good show old boy:)

A little bit of James Bolenbaugh. I don't why but this
made me think of "Star-Wars". I really liked it.
Juliana Overmeer, Talented, dedicated, cool,
and lovely to behold.


The Hallway between the gallery rooms
was a bit of a tight space, but the lens of the
Canon IXY gives it a more spacious feel.
Like in the movies, tricks of the trade. 


She was awesome, another of those
sexy, funny, retro-futuristic ladies
one see's from time to time.

All photo's by Kerwin: Canon IXY.

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