Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kim Kalesti

This was just a quick shoot outside
'Yippe' cafe after the video interview.
This color function(
Canon IXY) picks up
only certain colors. G1-7000
Now that I think about it, I should have
taken one shot in color. Her out-fit was fabulous.
Perhaps next time. G1-7001

What a warm smile. Together with
her amazing personality and talent,
she's wonderful to be around. 


I do like angles, when it comes to
photography. I always try to go with
what I've learned so far, and impulse.





I love the green against the black&white,
and of course, the grays:)
Kim Kalesti is a Singer, Composer, Educator, and Pianist. I met her during a performance by 'Gato Loco'(their on the blog)@ The Bowery Poetry Club in April of 2011. She is a wonderful person, a stylish and beautiful woman, as well as a being a talented artist. Would u like to know more: 

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Kim Kalesti said...

Hey Kerwin, I love your blog. Its easy to read, colorful and fresh. The commentary of history puts the reader in a time warp bubble. Very thoughtful and I look forward to our next chat....

See ya round town, NYC....

Kim Kalesti aka Kimistry