Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jazz Today: The Eri Yamamoto Trio

Halfway to the city, on my bike, running a little late, Grand Army Plaza in the distance, I knew this would be a great night. The sun was going down and the clouds were few and far between. It was all so beautiful. Bklyn bridge was packed with tourist's as always, this time of year:), and downtown was alive with people, glitz, glam, and a cool breeze. 7th ave south always brings back memories of my first art exhibition @ Starbucks, and walking a dog named festus. I chained Gladys(my bike) and got to the event(Greenwich music house School)only to find they did not have an ATM, and only took cash. Looking for a Chase ATM lead me to a young woman(Ana) handing out flyers for a Jazz performance @ Arthur's tavern. I figured I could stop in for a bit and still make it to Greenwich house. Three sets later I was still there photographing The Eri Yamamoto Trio. The Trio was sending out a lovely, gentle, magical sound, giving the audience not only something to hear, but so much to feel. A sweet vibe that pulls you in then hits you with a bang and then boom baby. Miss Yamamoto was tickling the ivory and giving you all her love, like a splendid bottle of chilled champagne. David Ambrosio was "the man" on bass, plucking those strings like the heart of his love, just f#$king right. Ikuo Takeuchi kept it tight, real, and so complete. He tapped, slapped, and beat those drums like a man with a plan to take you there. Jazz baby, beautiful, sexy Jazz.  The Trio's latest album('In each day, something good') is their sixth. Half of the pieces were composed(miss Yamamoto) as a new suite to the 1932 silent film "I was born, but..." by Japanese director Yasujiro Orzu, one of the most important film makers in cinema history. Their style reminds me of David Benoit and Vince Guaraldi('Here's to you Charlie Brown')with a little Rolfe Kent("Sideways") slipping in there, right where you need it. To find out 

Studio-Phoenix would like to thank Ana and the Eri Yamamoto Trio. "Art is the reason, Art is the way"

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