Friday, May 27, 2011

The Castello Plan: A place worth eating @

"The Hot sardines" playing and drinking. Love it.
I love the light play, really nice. Makes you think of having a drink.
Like so many other great places to dine out in the City its not a huge place, but it's not cramped at all. In fact their set-up utilizes every square inch to maximum ability, lending itself to that voodoo they do so bloody well. Feeding you some of the best damn artistic creations in the realm of food. The decor is simple with a bit of a rustic feel, backed by well placed lighting that speaks of reason and elegant control. The Castello plan is a Wine, Belgian beer and Tapas bar. A great start is one of their small plates, the wild boar Cacciatorini(a dry sausage). A real delight  with a side of plain focaccia and a little cup of chick peas with honey:). The Cacciatorini was tender and just a little chewy with a slight taste of salt(like cured ham). The natural juices going very well with the focaccia, chick peas, and honey. Pair this with a frosty Belgian beer and your nearly there. Executive Chef Natasha Pogrebinsky did a fantastic job with the menu. For an entree try the seared chorizo & potatoes(w/green apple and homemade tomato sauce), a seemingly strange combination that packs a delicious punch. In the mood for seafood? Pan-seared shrimp(w/homemade pasta, cherry tomato, brown butter)is almost to good to be true. Its light but very filling, bursting with a gentle fresh primavera seafood madness. And as the season is upon us; cold white wine(Sav-blanc)combines with, to give a taste that will haunt you like a great summer fling. Some of the other dishes on the menu that night were Confit of Duck leg(stewed apple, Yukon potato), and Ricotta Gnudi(spring pea, oyster mushroom) A far out appetizer is the Sauteed Squid salad(spring pea puree, mustard-seed mayo dressing), only for bold .The Castello plan has some out-door seating for those who like, comfy high seats at the bar/counter where the glasses hanging mingle with the light above them in a beautiful, playful way. Add to this great musical performances(generally no cover)of one kind or another, giving you the best that they've got, and a reason to love them. If your in the area give it a try. And for those who live beyond the borders of Ditmas park, Q train to Courtelyou rd stop and your nearly there(when you exit the station take a left, its on the right side of the street before Westminster rd). Cheers! 

"The Hot Sardines"

The area has changed so much, yet from this photo
it looks much the same. On either side between Coneyisland(straight ahead)
and east 17th(in the opposite direction)
there are a slew of new stores and places to eat.
Not to mention new buildings and a bold new
crop of residents making it there home.

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