Thursday, May 5, 2011

Interview: Kim Kalesti

In 1980 Pueblo Colorado said goodbye to one of its own, but only so many people knew. At the time N.Y.C was a dark, beautiful, messed-up place, rising out of the stink of its own decay. A worthy stage for the few, the proud, the Artist's. Samo(Basquiat)was coming up, Fab 5 Freddy was helping to spread 'Hip-Hop' and 'graffiti' abroad. Taki 183 was 'tagging' up a storm, Keith Haring was running a muck, laissez-fare economics became the norm in the U.S. and The United Kingdom. Bethann Hardison had started her own modeling agency and Debbie Harry was one of the hottest things we had ever seen. Kim Kalesti became a member of our tribe bringing with her musical talent, beauty, style, soul, kindness, a thirst for knowledge and a wonderful voice. She would go on to sing with Dizzy Gillespie, Eddie Gomez, Betty Carter and many others. She also toured with George Clinton and P-Funk(Smoke & Groove tour-1997). I met Kim During a 'Gato Loco'(their on the blog) performance @ The Bowery poetry club. We talked for a bit and exchanged ideas as well as cards. This was the same night that 'Family Dynamics'(their on the blog) was on stage tearing it up. I guess shes the reason I was late in getting to their show. Sometimes you realize that life is full of lines that cross and converge at the strangest of times. Kim Kalesti is a singer, composer, educator, and pianist:) This is just the first of many interviews using video and writing. Studio-Phoenix would like to thank Kim and 'Yippe' cafe(where video was filmed), and 'Gato Loco'. If you would like to know 

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